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Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas live stream

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Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas live stream is set to go down this July 24. So, boxing fans get ready for one of the welterweight boxing events of the year. The welterweight fixture between these two heavyweights was previously scheduled for March 28. However, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was moved to the month of July. As Ortiz Jr vs Vargas is right around the corner, the excitement for this event is getting hyped with each passing day.

Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas: When & Where?

Several sporting events were canceled in 2020 due to the widespread of coronavirus. Luckily, organizers only shifted Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas to a new date. Now, the event will take place in the month of July 2020.

Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas live stream
Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas live stream

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino located in Indo, California will host this much-awaited welterweight boxing event. This match will get underway on Friday, July 24. Heading to the fixture on Friday, July 24, Vergil Ortiz has a career record of 15-0, 15 KO. Ortiz will want to keep his undefeated record intact to his portfolio when he takes on Samuel who heads to the match with a record of 31-5-2, 14 KO.

Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Odds

Vergil Ortiz has never lost a single professional boxing event and heads to the match with his undefeated record of 15 wins. Meanwhile, Samuel Vargas has more match experience than Ortiz.

In a career span of several years, Samuel has participated in 38 professional boxing matches. While Samuel has a long fighting experience, Ortiz has his undisputed record backing his odds. Both the fighters will prove to be a worthy contender for one another. And when they take on each other on Friday, July 24 at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, we can expect a great boxing encounter.

To watch this heavyweight tier between those two, you will need to spend some money. Here’s how you can watch the match live from your home.

Can I Watch Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas live from home?

Well, sports fans can watch any sporting event live from home regardless of where they live. The same can be said of this event between Ortiz Jr. and Vargas. When these to boxing figures take on each other in Indo, California, people living across countries can watch it live from home.

You can access the live streaming of this event both on TV and mobile phones or other android devices. Unlike other sporting events, boxing does not have a regular TV broadcaster. This year, Ortiz vs Vargas will be shown live on DAZN.

Watch Samuel Vargas vs Vergil Ortiz Jr on TV on DAZN

In June 2020, the DAZN network revealed it will broadcast Samuel vs Vergil on TV across the United States. On June 29, DAZN made it official on its Twitter page. So, viewers living in the United States can watch the match live on TV on DAZN.

This time, there will be no fans in attendance. So, the only means to enjoy this thrilling encounter is to watch it live from your own place. DAZN is a paid streaming service available in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, and England. So, if you live in those areas, you can watch the match on DAZN.

How to watch Vergil Ortiz Jr live outside the UK

If you live in the UK, you can watch the bout on DAZN. For people living in Asian and African countries, you can watch the event live online on mobile. You can access the mobile streaming of Vergil Ortiz Jr on several paid streaming services.

Some of the top streaming sites that offer live streaming of Vergil Ortiz Jr vs Samuel Vargas are Amazon Prime Video and Hulu with Live. If you wish to go with Hulu with Live, you have to spend $55 per month. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime will cost you $12.99 per month.

Samuel Vargas vs Vergil Ortiz Jr free streaming

If you want to watch the boxing event on TV on DAZN, you have to spend some reasonable sum of money. Also, watching it online on Amazon Prime or Hulu with Live will also cost you money.

But the aforementioned streaming sites will offer you a designated free trial. During that period, you can watch Samuel Vargas vs Vergil Ortiz for free of cost. Hulu with Live gives 7 days free trial and Amazon Prime offers a month free trial.